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9iCE – Music Daddy

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1st Verse

even though am a Nigerian
And i know that ure born as an Haitian
We are from different background
Black i am, as ure make it bound

You dont need to worry,
cuz your history is written in
my diary
Wyclef God bless ure daddy
Courtesy black man attest to
The voice the guitar are your
The words that make up your lyrics
are landmarks

Everywhere Africa no contender
Res Judicata
Rap, ragga, superstar
Even though ure far from Africa
Am keeping it real like a caretaker
When there’s party in December
call on 9ice
Babe dont lean back

Timo bale fowo kan
Iseti aso re, ara mi oya gaga
Ara mi o, ya gaga

2nd verse

Why me a son of Africa
Blame me if i cannot play guitar
AM not an Artiste looking for
a pizza
I wanna be great, be great like
the preacher son
Bishop son, dread locks club

Bob marley is the founder, daddy
ure the general oversear
I need not use vocoder, am an hustler,
i lean from the backyard
Why me, why me

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,

Bridge 2ce

Music Daddy, me feel you deeply
You make me soji
Even though i dont have a dreadlocks
You inspired me alot, Music Daddy
wyclef Jean

Timo bale fowo kan
ISeti aso re, ara mi oya gaga
Ara mi o, ya gaga