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    Bitter Experience
    Divine Intervention
    New Dawn
    Prayer Point

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Yinka Ayefele As It Is

Yinka Ayefele was born over 40 year ago, he is the first born of his parents, and he hailed from Ekiti state- south western part of Nigeria. Ayefele had his primary and secondary education at Ipoti-Ekiti in Ondo state, and thereafter proceeded to the Ondo state college of arts where he bagged a diploma. Ayefele has worked as a freelance broadcast journalist before he ventured into music- his career began as a freelance journalist with the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria {FRCN}, Ibadan, Nigeria.

While at the FRCN, Ayefele was most prominent for producing several radio jingles.

Yinka Ayefele music career

Yinka Ayefele music career did not begin until he suffered a fatal accident that nearly claimed his life in 1997, up till now, Ayefele has been confined to a wheel chair after his spinal cord got damaged. Ayefele’s situation after the 1997 fatal accident changed his life both negatively and positive, it was after this accident that Yinka Ayefele music career began and he suddenly became a household name.

Yinka Ayefele songs is dynamic in nature, he often refer to himself as a ‘Tungba Gospel music artist’ his songs are a blend of Gospel, Juju, Fuji and sometimes Makossa beats. Ayefele spent up to 9 months recuperating in the hospital after the 1997 fatal accident and it was after his recovery that he released his first album – Bitter experience. The proceed Ayefele received from his first album gave him a string financial backing to seek further treatments outside the chores of Nigeria.

Yinka Ayefele Songs – his music career at a glance

The success of Ayefele’s first album- Bitter experience was believed to be the motivation behind the release of his second album- Sweet experience. Yinka Ayefele has turned his ordeals to success within few years and up till now; he remains the most sought-after entertainer at parties. After Sweet experience, Yinka Ayefele has gone to release albums such as; Inspiration, Gratitude, Aspiration, Divine Intervention, and New Dawn. Yinka Ayefele new Album is titled “Prayer point”- this is a 6 track album that contains songs such as; I’ll praise him, E je ka yin Oluwa, and Idunnu subu l’ayo.

Yinka Ayefele latest news

In recent Yinka Ayefele news on Yinka Ayefele surgery, the artist cum entertainer was reported to have undergone an eye surgery on his left eye for a growing tumour, the surgery was done in Nigeria and it was successful but the singer is still recuperating in the hospital and will take few weeks before he is discharged.

In Yinka Ayefele latest news, the artist and his millions of supporters worldwide are still in shock over the decision of the Oyo State Government to demolish Ayefele’s 200 million naira edifice that houses his studio, offices, Internet radio station, halls and several other properties and equipments worth several millions of Naira.

Though efforts are being made by Ayefele’s supporters and fans to persuade the government to rescind its decision on this issue, it however looks like the problem may take longer time to resolve.

Source: Naija Gists