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BANKY W feat. Skales – Can’t Stop Me (O o to be)

BANKY W feat. Skales - Can’t Stop Me (O o to be)  on
BANKY W feat. Skales – Can’t Stop Me (O o to be) LYRICS

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Banky W:
I’m about to brainstorm get a raincoat
I’m blazing so much paper like a chain smoke
I’m breaking my own records like usian bolt
My flow is like my minds on drugs this is brain coke
They want to shoot down the king like Martin
Understand your times up we just starting
You want to go against the team reconsider
And that’s word to all my followers on twitter
I’m a beast I’m a dog, I’m a gaddamn predator
I eat you lames for lunch hannibal lector
Let me count it for you homie I’m the one(1)
I’m too(2) much I deserve a three(3)some
I Told em I was undeniable they pushed me to the floor
Told them I’ll be Back in the Building they tried to shut the door
Told them I was Mr capable they wanted an encore
W Experience you can trust me you gon want some more

You can hate me now,
underrate me now,
try to break me down
bring me to my knees,
You cant test me now
disrespect me now,
try to wreck me now
but you will never succeed
cos you cant stop me
Oo to be Oo to be ohh ohh ohh

Right now introducting Skales
It’s the legendry skales New EME solider
Tell your favorite rapper I’m intellectually older
Tho kinda young, in my sky I’m a star
I create my own galaxy when I spit a bar oh o
In the dark I shine you twinkle
Silly kids following my path I give you wrinkles
Im in-to much bigger things
its kinda like red bull drink I’m meant to get wings
to fly fly fly abroad
Everything in one accord
if they hate I’ll repeat the action on the catalogue
When it comes to greatness that’s the one I don’t miss
like a girl that aint married yet
The Grammy’s what I’m trynna get
No I’m not the future I am just the crystal ball
if it aint about dough
We don’t have to mix at all
Welcome to my show
No I’m not a broadcaster
Forget visa my music take me abroad faster

3rd Verse
Banky W:
This industry got me feeling like a bed the way I stay getting slept on
People freestyle I need a microphione check 1 2 1 2
Just don’t get it confused I’m top of the line what the *** I gotta prove
I’m ahead of my time. …I cant lose.
I know the game change as soon as I came through
I’m the truth and if you don’t like it you can sue me
Cos other niggas is so George Clooney
Having a ball but boys no dey smile though
Ready to overcharge the game am so Ronaldo
Giving you what you need but you aint gotta thank me
Coz I am the chosen one barack o banky
Half man half capability haters criticizing in vain its futility
And I aint meant no disrespect to uncle Reuben
(just thot his article needed much improvements)

Banky w back again
EmEzyy lets do this