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Read The News, Gists and More Of Big Names As It Breaks From The Nigerian Entertainment Industry.

Read The News, Gists and More - Nigeria Entertainment

Home Read The News, Gists and More - Nigeria Entertainment
Read The News, Gists and More Of Big Names As It Breaks From The Nigerian Entertainment Industry.

Hushpuppi and 2 close friends, Mompha, Classicbaggie Exposes Themselves On Social Media

It all started with an Instagram user, “Classicbaggie”, a former close friend of Hushpuppi took to his page, to advise his followers on how it is important to invest propertly, than live a fake billionaire life on Instagram and spending all your cash on “Gucci shoes.” A shade a Hushpuppi, yeah? Now, Hushpuppi’s close friend, or should we say ex-close friend, Mompha, a Dubai-Based Big Boy, who he apparently fell out with secretly a while back, dropped a comment that was clearly directed at shading him. “Baggie don vex. Tell em fake ass nigga IG celebrity,” he wrote.

Mompha say “Hushpuppi Has A 4 Year Old Son He Doesn’t Take Care Of”

Hushpuppi Vs Mompha Beef Continues ans waxing stronger after a previous post where he stated that Hushpuppi's Dad is a Taxi driver and Mother a bread seller! Hushpuppi’s former close friend, Mompha has just released a chat he had with a woman who claims to be the mother of Hushpuppi’s 4 year old son in the UK. He wrote; Dear Ramoni AKA Hushpuppi Instagram celebrity. You claimed on ur previous post that i snitch on G boys and i launder money for politicians which u dont have any proof to back it up and For u also to say u gave me 70million still no proof and the other Dirty Stuffs u said i did Listen very Good i had a chat with the mother of ur first child yesterday cos i cant call her ur baby mama cos she is married now. You said u bought food for my wife and my son, So how come u couldnt take care of ur own Son for the past 3 to 4years why is it that its another man that is taking care of ur own son over my dead body another man to take care of my responsibility while am alive. I wont call ur child bastard cos i dont have any bastard outside.. For those of u supporting him calling him ur role model, is this the kind of Father/Son u wanna

“You Impregnated Your Maid!” Hushpuppi replies Mompha, exposes him, shares chats.

Malaysian-Based Nigerian Big Boy, Hushpuppi has finally responded to Mompha, his former best friend, who called him out, while revealing some deep secrets. Mompha earlier this morning called out Hushpuppi, and revealed how he lives a fake life for Instagram, and how he begs for money, and spend the borrowed money, on Gucci and other luxury items. Mompha didn’t stop there, he revealed that Hush’s father is a Taxi Driver and his mom a bread seller.[Read Full Details Here]

Hushpuppi says “God, If this life is fake, I don’t want a real life”...

Hushpuppi earlier today, responded to a shade from his former best friend, Mompha, after the latter claimed he is broke, and living a fake life. Moving forward! His beef with Mompha has been one of the trending topics on social media lately… Recall in series of posts, Mompha claims Hushpuppi, real name Ramoni Abass, was a guy he housed when he was dead broke. He even shared pictures of the taxi he claims his father drives while he is always on Instagram showing off a fake life.

Wizkid Takes Fans By Surprise; Visits Surulere

StarBoy Wizkid who was born and raised in Surulere, a place he’s never for once ashamed to rep. The Starboy paid a visit to the Zanga where it all began to celebrate his street,

HOT: Wizkid x Davido Beef Gone To Another Level As Crew Member Fight At...

The rivalry between Wizkid x Davido has now gone to another level with the recent social occurrence at the One Africa Music Fest event in Dubai.

As Davido Turns 25 – Here Are Top 25 OBO Songs 🔥

Take time to have a proper review as we see Davido's top 25 jams as the OBO turns 25 Without a doubt, Davido is one the biggest artist coming out of Africa right now. Since landing on the scene with 2011's ‘Dami Duro and climbing to stardom with his debut album, “Omo Baba Lowo (O.B.O) (2012),  the singer has been steadily staking his claim to the throne of new African pop.

Davido – The Caroline In “FIA” Is From My Secondary School, Not Caroline Danjuma

If you have not been following, you may have missed alot. Davido released both visual and audio to his new hit! "FIA" hours ago and it is already making news rounds as regards the part of the lyrics which mentions caroline 😁.

Baba For The Babies, Wizkid Welcome 3rd Child With Manager [DETAILS INSIDE!]

Oshey Baddest! 🙌 Industry rumour turned truth as it is looking like 2Baba finally down-thrown for Wizkid on the Baba for the babies things. lolz. Wizkid’s new born baby boy is with his manager, Jada Pollock. Wizkid has however confirmed the news of a child with his US manager, Jada Pollock, he tweeted the name of the child some minutes ago as “Zion Ayo Balogun” with feeding bottles and a #Godsblessing”

Son Of Alaafin Of Oyo, Tillaman Beaten By Police [SEE PICTURES]

Son Of Alaafin Of Oyo, Tillaman Beaten By Police Singer and crown prince of the Oyo town, Tillaman was recently brutalised...