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Dagrin - still on the matter DAGRIN - BE MY FRIEND


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Come sing it for me Mama,
Sing it for me darling
SIng it for me Love
You’re growing old
I’m right here waiting for you mummy

Once upon a time
Back adays in the hood
I sabi this little girl
SHe looks so good
She dey cool
She used to smile lika baby boo
I know she wanna be my friend right?
Its all good
The biggest little thing is to smile on me
Freaking get the feeling say she wan come close to me
Nothing wey i go do wey no go dey funny to her
I sure say if i mess, e go smell like perf. to her
Am a boy, u a girl… u wanna be my friend
She sabi me say me abi Thug but she still wan blend
Now the one i am talking about
I aint talking crazy
Thats why u see ur Men like Dagrin talking ….
You heard me
I know what you want
Just come close mummy
I dey read your mind
I know u wanna get hooked mummy
We get the same personality wey the same mummy
Yeah… I wanna cruss around the world
How u love it mummy?


I know say the girl gat strange feelings for me mummy
She wan relate me but she no fit alert me
Na him me i move close to her so we can know better
Na d matter
Girl i wanna know your name

I say ma name na Jeniffer but dey call me Jilo
I say my own name na Paul but dey call me Paulo
I admire you baby girl
You’re a fine Caro
This girl smile…. She come welcome my Parol
SHe say she sabi me well well
You mean from the hood?
She say i don forget say we attend the same school
She say she still remember that time i too rude
I no cool…. I dey always break the school rule
She say by that time she was one of ma Senior
I come dey ask am say who be the Junior?
She say na me…

Ok. Forget about that opinion
Keep your eyes on me I am a young Millionaire


Ayam a boy and you are a girl (X2)
Do you wanto be my friend

Na so me and this girl we start parol
She used to express her feelings to me so full
We eat so full
We Yell so less
We soul mate
We listen to soul music

She take me home make i sabi her dad, her mum
Na dis girl name dey ring for my hairdrum
she give me love, She know i want am
She used to tell me… Dagrin men : Youre of the bomb

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