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No Be By Force to Go Dubai..| Davido’s Lyrics in Osinachi (Remix)


humblesmith ft davido - osinachi remix

Just as we anticipate the premiere of HumbleSmith’s ‘Osinachi’ Remix ft Davido, The star drop some hard bars addressing his current life issues.

… It’s no secret that Davido, his daughter’s mother and Dele Momodu have been feuding publicly because of the alleged abduction accusation. The heavily anticipated remix to Osinachi (roughly translated as “Destiny”) by Humblesmith featuring Davido should be out later today and Davido goes ahead to address some of his personal issues with his daughter’s mother in the song, he sings “My Humble Father ‘Sinachi, My Loving Daughter ‘Sinachi, My Baby Mama ‘Sinachi, Dele Momodu ‘Sinachi”

David goes further to say that none of these issues would have happened if not for the Dubai trip, saying “No be by force to go Dubai, abi na wetting cause the fight…”

The rest of his lyrics address the issue even further. Osinachi which is already a hit, is about to become even hotter after it drops later today.

Watch the Instagram video where Davido plays a snippet of the song where he name drops Dele Momodu and his Baby Mama, as you wait patiently for the official release of Osinachi (Remix) later on today.




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