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This page will usually contain Bio. and Life Events to stardom of our celebrated Artist{s}

Profile PictureIyanyan winner of the 2008 MTN Project Fame Show says year 2009 would be
a better career year for him adding that his fans should watch out for
his album release this year.

The twenty two years old Calabar Born Star also hinted that Charity work
for the less privilege would also be part of his agenda for the year.
It would be recalled that while at the MTN Project Fame academy, Iyanyan
displayed a high level of excellence and vocal skill in his
Fondly known for his smile, good stage charisma and dancing skills he
was able to win the heart of majority of viewers
and that put him on probation only once, while some of his other colleagues went on
probation for as much as three to five times.
Iyanyan can also be seen as a versatile artiste, who though does
excellently well in R & B, but can also be flexible with other
genres of music. This he displayed in his composed song which was a
fusion of highlife, pop and R&B.With this, he emerged the winner of the star prize, a Toyota RAV 4 SUV
and two and a half million naira. Of course his joy knew no bounds as he
was hugged and celebrated with by fellow contestants, his family, Fans
in the studio and the bigwigs from MTN, Ultima and Endemol. This he
attributed to hardwork and God’s favour.Although he was the biggest winner for the night, the others (Nii first
Runner up, Fine boy Praise Second Runner up, and Annete third runner up)
were not to be denied their claims to fame too, as they all went home
with equally exotic cars and cash prizes ranging from a million and

Iyanya Mbuk speaks English and Efik, he likes to write songs and hang
out at Karaoke bars. He also attends choir practice on Saturdays. His
favourite hangouts in Calabar include Fiesta Fries Bar, Mirage Nite Club
and Westlife.
Describing Nigeria as a beautiful place, he dislikes dishonesty and pomposity.

One would be right to say his desires at the academy to experience education and entertainment at its peak was sure fulfilled

Source: Biography BlogSpot