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Lagbaja - Scream
Lagbaja – Scream LYRICS

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This is Mode nine and Lagbaja on the bass
Giving the world a taste of the
African groove
Jam the bass, jam the bass

The game is changing now, I find
the ball in my court
Someone call the cheerleaders,
I need some vocal support
If you find it hard to feed your
family one square meal
And you?re flat broke and suddenly
our kid falls ill
Others get mocked by friends
?cos they don?t puff els
They make ?em feel rejected like
they don?t mix well
Oh well if you?re in school and
not lazy
Yet your future kinda seems hazy
Let off some steam before you
go crazy
Or you?re a baby growing up and
your parents don?t understand

Back then it was cool but now
they can?t stand you
And you?ve had it up to here which
is not surprising
Or you?re chick and your guy?s
You feel the pressure rising
Just fight back the tears
Or you?ve been looking for a job
for the past ten years
Worried to a point where you grow
grey hair
I got the medicine let off some
hot air
Just scream if you?ve had it up
to here

Let it out, let it out
Let it out, let it out
Don?t stop till you see a change
It?s dangerous to be silent

Life is tough like hell
The world is not well
Evil is tough to quell
Nuff reasons to yell
Scream off some tension
Scream get attention

I scream when the law be wrongfully
Amidst the chaos my voice wont
be resting
After the silence is the wailing
and screaming
What is the meaning of all this
noise pollution
We scream out loud to start off
a revolution
I?m a proud African intellect
That?s why I shout out, walk chest
out head in the clouds
I?m loud that?s why you hear me
before you see me
They tried to lock me down but
the hollering freed me
I bring the good vibes your ear
drums need me
They scream feed me
When I holla on the mike I do the
opposite of whispering
You hear me all night
If you duct tape my mouth the war
would still be fought
With words transmitted through
my mental thoughts