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Lagbaja – Africalypso

Lagbaja -  Africalypso
Lagbaja – Africalypso LYRICS

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Africalypso, Africalypso
Some four hundred years ago
They took away my forefathers
From Africa to America
My forefathers took along their
And some became jazz
Some became soul
Some became rhythm and blues
Swing, big band, bop, hip hop,
funk, jazz, rap, reggea, ragga,

And some became calypso
The body can be enslaved but never
ever the spirit
So whereever there?s soul in
the music
Whereever the spirit moves the
Whether in Jamaica, whether
for Cuba
Even in Trinidad and Tobago
Whether Brasilia, I say Brasilia
America, Europa, Australia,
Whereever there?s soul in the
Behind it you find the African

Africalypso, Africalypso
Ah! Ayan, show them Africa
Eeeeee, Ooooo
Ayeele, Africa
Ikira o, Eee, Eee, Eee, Eh!

Lagbaja, Lagbaja Lagbaja, Lagbaja

Lagbaja Olagbaja Lagbaja Olagbaja

Lagbaja omo Tamedu Lagbaja the
son of Tamedu

Tamedu omo Lamorin Tamedu the
son of Lamorin

Lamorin omo Lakasegbe Lamorin
the son of Lakasegbe

Lakasegbe omo Laado Lakasegbe
the son of Laado

Laado omo Lagbaja Laado the son
of Lagbaja

Orin gbogbo, Ilu gbogbo All music,
all groove

Bo ba ti ba tijo wa That propel

Tia ni It?s ours

Ani bo ba ti ba tijo wa Once it?s
about dance

Tia ni It?s ours

Bee fe e gbo, Bee fe e ko If you wish,
assent; if you don?t, dissent

Tia ni, tia ni It?s ours, it?s