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Tope Alabi was born on the 27th October, 1970 in Lagos State, Nigeria to the amiable family of Pa Joseph Akinyele Obayomi and Madam Agnes Kehinde Obayomi. She is the only daughter of the three children in the family occupying the second position in the family. She hails from Yewa, Imeko of Ogun State. During her school days and because of her deep rooted interest/flairs in music and drama, Tope Alabi joined the then “Jesters International” otherwise known as (Jacob, Papilolo & Aderupoko) group at Ibadan. After the death of Jacob sometime in the nearest past, she joined Ishola Ogunsola “I SHOW PEPPER” where she caught her teeth and or got her initial training and experience in drama. In total display of versatility, our Tope Alabi showed her shrewd mastery of her secretarial competence when she worked with Re-Union Nigeria Limited between 1990 & 1992, Gbagada, Lagos as a Bi-lingual secretary. Without losing sight of her primary assignment, Patricia Temitope Alabi came back into the Theater Art profession when she joined the prestigious “Alade Aromire Theater Group” sometime in 1992. Here, she was able to distinguish herself as both a gifted/ talented actress and a singer altogether. At Alade Aromire Theatre Group, Tope Alabi was exposed to all the core areas of drama and acting profession. She was involved in various film productions, stage drama and most importantly the landmark soundtrack production with which she is well known and considered second to known till date in the Nigeria Yoruba Movie industry. Unique Tope Alabi has been invited by various writers, producers and directors in the Yoruba movie industry to write and produce sound tracks for their various movies. It is then apposite to mention and conclude without any sense of contradiction that standing to her credit till date, Tope Alabi has produced well over 800 soundtracks for various Yoruba movies. It would be worthy to state here that Tope Alabi is a pacesetter of soundtrack makers in the Yoruba Home Video Industry.

When asked or required to do something we should see it as an opportunity because God may bring that situation of doing something before you as an opportunity to lift you. Joseph had an opportunity to help the butler and the baker and when he did that, it opened up an opportunity for him to help pharaoh interpret his dream and he became the Egyptian prime minister. Doing something is an opportunity (Genesis 40:41). As backup singers, instrumentalists in my ministry I encourage and assist each member to shape their lives according to God’s plan for them. Attitude-wise they are all wonderful especially Oluwaseyi Tolulope, Olufunmilayo and Abisola they are very supportive and ready to give their best at all times. The boys too, led by the talking drummer, Abiodun, Ademola, and Olusanya, I love them whole heartedly and they love me too. Photos Speak!
MY HUSBAND In the year 1998 my husband proposed to me. When I was praying about it, a minister of God said,”God said I would not have a home if I don’t release myself unto Him as a minister of the gospel in music. After that moment, God reconfirmed it to me severally through my dreams, seeing myself ministering to very large congregations; (the word of God). I agreed because since I was a child, I passed through several horrible tough times. I submitted to Him in year 2000. My husband took me to the altar on 16th of November year 2000 at st. Agnes Catholic Church Maryland Lagos. After then we went to studio where my husband was working as a sound engineer (Decross studios) to produce Oore ti o common on which the Lord proved to me that He is God who had sent me out. And since then, I don’t sing of my mind but God’s mind on all my albums and their titles. Getting married to Evangelist Soji Alabi my hubby, made everything very easy for my ministry, he is the first angel that God sent to me. We are Blessed with 2 Daughters and a Son!
My Parents To my biological parent Mr. & Mrs. Obayomi they are wonderful. Especially my mum, she’s so supportive, she also sings very well and she encourages me to go extra mile, she has really suffered for me. She is the best mother in the whole world, Omobolanle Agnes I love you so much.

Life & Ministry

I give God all the glory for where I was coming from and where I am today. God has been my refuge, fortress, companion, and my confidant. I didn’t know I could become somebody to be reckoned with in life, but by his grace and infinite mercy, God made me relevant in the society and a minister in His kingdom.

I have been in the secular world for several years to be precise 21 years both in music and acting but as God would have it, (like a saying that “Egberun Saamu kole samo Olorun lowo”)

God’s Faithfulness

So far so good, God has been so faithful to me, my home and my ministry. I hereby commit myself to spending the rest of my day here on earth to preach the message of salvation, to give hope to the hopeless through the gospel and to remind people of our last home (Heaven). The aim of a Christian is to be justified by God not by men because people may tell you lie for you not to be angry or sad but God will never lie. So you can feel bad, cry if it pains you, but in His own time he will reward you mightily according to your obedience. All these I have passed through and I am still in it. For God to handover his treasure to you “steadfastness is the key” God will not rest if you are so precious to Him, He will always correct you and while God is correcting any child, there will be room for principalities and powers, I mean obstacles, and all what you pass through in life but rejoice because after this you shall triumph and sing hallelujah. Myself and ministry have so far witnessed the blessings of the Lord, throughout the four corners of Nigeria and abroad and the Lord has made us fruitful in these past years. We are definitely witnessing the greatness of God which has already taken us to another dimension. To God is the Glory. Finally, the principle of life I have come to realize is to give everybody the opportunity for the expression of their God-given talent so that our world can be a better place. Millions of people in our world today are living below their potentials, with gifts, talents and abilities locked up within them. My aim is to see everyone fully released into the entire purpose of God for their lives and become someone in their chosen fields of endeavor.

Her calling

Right from her childhood, the Lord revealed it to her mother, through prophesies from men of God that her daughter (Tope) would be a servant of God. Patricia Temitope Alabi had the divine call into singing ministry personally in the year 2000. Because of God’s divine purposes for her life, God gave Oore Ti o Common the first Album a tremendous push and it was the album that shot Tope Alabi into limelight in the Gospel Music Industry. The Lord has been mightily using this HIS minstrel to spiritually meet the needs of thousands of people both home and abroad. Till date Tope Alabi has to her credit ten albums, Oore ti o Common, Certificate, Agbara Olorun and Agbara re ni, Kokoro Igbala, Angeli mi, Mori’Yanu, Agbelebu, Alagbara and the live video of the Welcome and the Award party that was titled Amazing Grace. And a Home Video Titled ATIJO among others. Tope Alabi and her Gospel vibes has travelled all over within and outside Nigeria. Family Tope Alabi is Married to an ever supportive Husband, Olusoji Alabi her producer and manager, God blessed them with children. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have the honour to present to you our ever green and indefatigable TOPE ALABI.