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Tunde and Wunmi Obe

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<p><strong>About TWO </strong></p>
<p>Tunde and Wunmi Obe a.k.a TWO, are much more than a tag team of exceptionally creative talents. they represent versatility and consistence, accessibility, classy style and that warm wholesomeness a lot of people have grown to admire and love. It is the combination of these qualities that ignites and sustains the magic they conjure each and every time they give a performance.</p>
<p>As Nigeria’s foremost showbiz couple, T.W.O brings an exciting uniqueness that can not be duplicated to the stage, local booth, video set or screen. They started out as lead singers in the wildly popular campus band, Turning Point in the late 80’s and have developed their other talents and consistently improved their stage performance through hardwork, dynamism and flexibility Only T.W.O can play like they do.</p>
<p><strong>THEIR ACT</strong></p>
<p>Though they are recognised all over the country for their popular weekly television performances on the Charly Boy Show and Zoom Time which Tunde co-anchors with CharlyBoy, the couples music remains their first love. T.W.O is a versatile pop act whose range is astonishing. The veterans are totally at home playing everything from classic African tunes to R&B, reggae, soca-calypso to soft rock and have earned the reputation of the act of choice for those who want  to hear old school tunes in their purest-possile cover renditions.</p>
<p><strong>THE BAND</strong></p>
<p>Deja vu is a twelve-piece band that provides music exciting and sublime enough to perfectly compliment the ability of the lead duo, T.W.O. The band is made up of experienced musicians, singers and dancers come of whom have earned a good measure of recognition as solo performers and recording artistes. Amongst them are respected name like SEGUN OBE, BEN BAMIDELE and OLAITAN ADEBOWALE</p>
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