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After G-Worlwide, What’s Next From Kiss Daniel and His New Label?


Kiss Daniel Leaves G-Worlwide Entertainment

What’s Next For Kiss Daniel After Exit From G-Worlwide Entertainment

The story is already everywhere and of course congratulatory messages been rocking the Ex G-Worlwide Entertainment artist Kiss Daniel as he announced hours before now that he has departed the record label and now a member or maybe owner of the freshly floated FLYBOY INC. [Click Here If You Missed The Gist On His Exit From G-Worlwide Entertainment]

In a Twitter post, Kiss Daniel has since however confirmed his exit from the record label after tweeting back at JJ Omojuwa who congratulated him.

It’s been 4years under the label for Kiss Daniel and obviously, it’s to be noted he had a few hits and many outcry atleast as suggested by social media.

Looking into his successes, and now what’s to be expected from Kiss Daniel and His newly floated label.

In recent years, many stories on social media spaces and fans has it that, the record label has deprived him of so much of opportunities which would include.

– Featuring other artists atleast from other labels

– Show appearances [He has hits upon hits, he should be on Pepsi tours and many more of such]

– Seasonal publicity [One major issue as not until he has a new song so we really remember Kiss Daniel this days]

….. Just to mention a few of the many we have heard or seen commented about.

As the YEBA crooner moves ahead, we sure expect to see a New Era of a young and talent hungry Nigerian who will quickly spread his wings and start recruiting hits with the best in the business such as Wizkid, Olamide, Davido and many more not failing to mention Tiwa Savage who he featured however on the Remix of his breakthrough jam WOJU alongside Davido..

That shouldn’t be all! We also expect top notch PR. A Kiss Daniel everywhere and always in the know.

More importantly, this is more of a rebranding for the young Nigerian star Kiss Daniel who must maintain his consistency and keep doing the much hardwork he’s known for during his 4 years at G-Worlwide Entertainment.

However, it’s needed to be mentioned that, for a new startup or an act who deemed independence. He sure must be ready to know how to handle the freedom.

For many of instances we have seen and an Artist of his nature, whereby freedom brings laziness and watery lyrics.

Kiss Daniel has indeed done the much expected if comments from his social media is anything to go by and it seems to be long expected.

What do you make of this? Did i miss anything? Kindly comment below and it shall be noted

Anyways, Congratulations to Kiss Daniel and i wish him well in his endeavors.


Writer: Boss LakryM
Twitter:- @BossLakryM
Instagram:- @BossLakryM




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