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As Davido Turns 25 – Here Are Top 25 OBO Songs 🔥


Top 25 essential OBO songs as he turns 25

Take time to have a proper review as we see Davido’s top 25 jams as the OBO turns 25

Without a doubt, Davido is one the biggest artist coming out of Africa right now.

Since landing on the scene with 2011’s ‘Dami Duro and climbing to stardom with his debut album, “Omo Baba Lowo (O.B.O) (2012),  the singer has been steadily staking his claim to the throne of new African pop.

With his effective collaborations, smash hit singles, and awards, It’s amazing that he just turned 25. Today November 21, 2017, which is his birthday, we present to you the top 25 essential Davido records.

Davido Dami Duro

Davido co-produced “Dami Duro” with Shizzi and released it on October 30, 2011. the record became his breakout single, marking the start of everything great with Davido in pop music.

‘Back when’ ft Naeto C

This was the foundation of Davido’s music career. The song served as his debut album’s lead single and received frequent airplay.

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