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Amidst the current happenings on the country one of Nigeria’s singer and information technology expert residing in the United Kingdom Bimbo Queens expresses her views on the current happenings in Nigeria.

“Its a pity that despite the level of education and exposure of Nigerians which include our well travelled leaders, we are still at this point”. In the entire world today Nigerians are the most travelled which makes them see what is happening in other developed countries and how their governments treat citizens. The welfare of the citizens is priority in other developed countries and this is harnessed through proper management of their natural resources even for some that do not have large deposits of resources they still find a way of generating funds to make sure the people live comfortably.

Meanwhile in my country Nigeria that is so blessed with several resources both natural and human, what we see is hardship experienced by citizens ranging from lack of infrastructure and policies that would rather affect them negatively rather than ease the pains of the impoverished citizens.”

I was reading the news some days ago about the lawmaker that slapped a nursing mother , I really didn’t want to talk, but couldn’t hold it back as I read about a photo journalist who came out again to share his own experience with this same law maker. Its so disheartening that the people we vote to represent us are still the ones inflicting this sufferings on us.

Reading the news everyday makes me weep for my country as the level of hardship is getting worrisome everyday, the youths can’t get anything reasonable doing and once they try creating something for themselves they are tagged yahoo boys. The level of unemployment is alarming yet our law enforcement agents over exercise their powers, they leave the bad ones and chase after the good ones because the bad ones have backbones.

We clamour for Nigerians in diaspora and other foreign investors to bring their investments to a nation where all earnings will be expended on diesel to power their generating plant used for production. An ordinary salon in Lekki spends more than two hundred thousand naira on fuel and yet still pay heavily for the epileptic power supplied by the power generation companies given the task to do so.

We all need to stand up and reason like the giants we are, Nigeria is blessed and Nigerians don’t need travel abroad to become second class citizens just in search of greener pastures. Our pastures are greener than any other in the world but our mentality as citizens and bad governance is why we are where we are today.


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