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BIMBO QUEENS Breaking Bounds


Its even a long way coming and keeping the struggle intact with great focus is definitely an expensive price to pay.

BimboQueens have been on the verge of breaking bounds since the beginning of this year. In the course of achieving this are series of events she has been part of ranging from musical performances at events, interviews, contributions to Nigeria’s national issues, endorsements and a lot more.

However the queen who just changed her look has made Nigeria and Nigerians in general both home and in diaspora proud as she represented SALFORD BUSINESS SCHOOL, UNITED KINGDOM at the just concluded SMALL BUSINESS CHARTET SUMMIT alongside top female entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom.

“Having the opportunity to represent my school in the United Kingdom is a great privilege most especially as a Nigerian that am proud to be” she said.

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Looking at the pace at which Nigerians are breaking bounds in the world today shows God have a lot in stock for us in this country, so we should make use of the opportunity and build a better future for the country.


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